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We are committed to provide effective hydraulic component machining services to our customers

Our rich industrial experience and commitment to quality has enabled us to earn an enviable position among the clients.

Who We Are

We Are Professional Team for Engineering & Machineries Work

The Business Activies of Manjula Engineering works are led by Mr.R. Vijayakumar and Mrs.V.Manjula Vijayakumar, who are Managing Director of the organization. Their visionary guidance and leadership has enabled us to discover new heights of success in this competitive market. Under their astute supervision, we can grow by the leaps and bounds. The progressive approach of these two geniuses has helped the copany to expand its business activities across the globe.

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We have developed a well-furnished infrastructural facility, which is sprawled over a massive area of land at Coimbatore. This facility is divided into different departments, which are equipped with state-of-theart amenities. Moreover, we have invested in approximately 1 crore.

Our Mission

Manjula Engineering Works shall consistently and diligently valve component machined products exceeding the expectation of our customers, to remain lea Manjula Engineering Company shall consistently and diligently Precision machined components products exceeding the expectation of our customers, to remain leader in valve machining market by excellence in total quality performance. The company is committed to its quality policy and objectives. To achieve this, the company has formulated a quality systems and assurance program to bring about improvements in all areas of operation including
we are committed to provide effective valve component machining services to our customers and eventually emerge as a business partner by way of measurable contribution to the growth of the organization and strive to become a preferred employer

Our Vision

We want to be the most successful company in our markets.
We operate close to our customers and fulfil their wishes as perfectly possible. We concentrate our activities on sectors in which we can achieve volume growth and are either already market leaders or could become so
We want to demonstrate more skill than our competitors.
The quality with which we perform should be exemplary. This is the responsibility of every single employee. We always aim to adapt quickly to change in customer wishes and find new technical solutions.
We want to be an independent and profitable company
We aim to maintain a minimum return on profit across all our business activities. Our profitability is designed to underpin our company’s independence and the security of the jobs it provides.
We want employee who take on leadership responsibilities.
Direction and decisions are needed close to where they determine actions. Our managers must have the skills to develop and achieve goals with their teams. They also motivate and enable staff to improve the company day by day.
We want to be the best people’s best company .
Our employees have the opportunities to use their skills and be successful members of MEW. We communicate openly, reward on performance, and encourage individual’s professional development. In future Our company culture, achievements and goals make us attractive for people who want to base their working lives around success.
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Future plan

MEW has made significant investments in expanding its infrastructural forte that allow smooth functioning of its manufacturing processes. The company has also delinquently recruited a professional workforce that well complements its strides towards growth.
MEW estimates to further its progress by commissioning new CNC Machine like VTL & HMC for our customer specified requirement.
The CNC plant to better meet the growing requirements of the Valve Industry. Approximately we are deciding to invest in more than 2 crore in this new CNC Plant
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Product Experience

MEW, our employers are machined and experienced highquality steel castings of Carbon steel, Alloy steel, Stainless steel, Duplex steel, Nickel base alloys etc. in various sizes and weights per piece for the petrochemical industry, and other engineering industries.

Experienced Product List

Instruments Specification

Ultima M 450 – 2D Measuring Instruments.


We Have Best Feedback

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Testimonial #1

We have been utilizing Manjula Engineering Works for pat years and during this time we have found MEW to be a very reliable and conscientious vendor. We have also found that their completed work has always been produced with excellent consistent quality.

Testimonial #2

Please find this letter as a customer service satisfaction reference for Manjula Engineering Works. During the past years; we have been utilizing MEW as provider of custom CNC machining. We have found MEW to be a very reliable and conscientious vendor. They have consistently met the high standard of quality that we require of our products. They have been also very dependable at meeting the agreed upon delivery terms of our orders.

Testimonial #3

Manjula Engineering Works have been providing our Company with machined product since 2020, their quality has been outstanding and deliveries met in a timely manner We have kept our customer/ supplier relationship with MEW in spite of much competition for the machining of some of our major component lines, due to their consistent quality.

Shop Floor Facilities

Our facilities or housed in Manjula engineering works and also parent concern of Vinayaka precision works we are capable of providing continual improved quality products to our clients. We persistently invest in Plant & Machinery and Inspection Equipment’s to achieve our key, Objective of producing quality products include.

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